KALAWIN International fashion school was founded in 1976 in Bangkok, Thailand by
Mrs. Thasani Siriyeum as the first branch of GUERRE – LAVIGNE or ESMOD GUERRE LAVIGNE
International FASHION INSTITUTES Of Paris, the most famous fashion school in France
founded since 1841.
Monsieur Alexis Lavigne master tailor who created a famous suit “Amazonier” to the Emperor
Napoleon the 3rd and the dressmaker to Empress Eugénie, wife of Napoleon the 3rd and the
inventor of the couture mannequin and the supple measuring tape founded Guerre-Lavigne
fashion school in 1841 which later became ESMOD Guerre – Lavigne and ESMOD International
Fashion Institute. To pass on his know-how to a whole generation of young tailors, Monsieur Lavigne
developed teaching methods for the school based on a secretly protected expertise. These methods,
manual or computerized, are still used to this day.
Between 1970-1990, at the time of luxury ready-to-wear and the emergence of the ‘creative designers’,
the school opened its doors to foreign students and became ESMOD Guerre-Lavgine International by
developing a network of schools across the world, and thus leading to, the birth of
Kalawin International Fashion School
The grand opening of KALAWIN international fashion school, Bangkok branch was commemorated
by Madame Paule Douarinou, Director of Administration and Madame Annette Goldstein,
Directors of Curriculum, ESMOD Guerre – Lavigne from Paris. It was the first ESMOD Guerre Lavigne
branch in Asia under the supervision of the director and owner Mrs. Thasani Siriyeum.
Mrs. Siriyeum was the first Asian student who received the Diplôme de Professeur from ESMOD Guerre- Lavigne for her research work of kimonos sleeves,
one of the most complicated sleeves designs; making them more comfortable, and most importantly, allowing for more practical movements. Because of this
impressive research, Mrs. Siriyeum received the honor of becoming an instructor at ESMOD Guerre Lavigne Fashion Institute Head Office, in Paris.
Normally, a 3rd year graduate will only receive a “Certificate” (“Certificat”). The Diplôme de Professeur was rarely offered to any student Mrs. Siriyeum
was one of very few to receive this.
KALAWIN international fashion school, Bangkok Branch from Paris has also been approved and certified
by Thailand’s Ministry of Education to offer teaching & training specializing in Fashion Design and
Dress-Making with the unique and original methods from France.

For 22 years, KALAWIN worked closely with ESMOD, Paris by inviting the experts from the head office
to come 2-3 times/year to provide training to our instructors and to examine our students before ESMOD,

Paris was sold and changed to foreign ownership.

In addition, KALAWIN also regularly
commissioned expert designers & dressmakers
from major fashion houses of Paris to teach
each year.

When ESMOD International ownership changed
hands, the management saw this as a good
opportunity to take KALAWIN independently
into the new direction and move toward becoming
more flexible by offering more modern teaching syllabus with the most up- to-date techniques.

The hallmark of the new KALAWIN was ‘Academic flexibility.’ By recognizing the importance of
implementing flexible learning and teaching back then, KALAWIN proved to be ahead of its time
and ‘The school of the future.
Kalawin continues to provide excellence in teaching and learning of fashion design and dressmaking. Our experienced & caring faculty offers
Kalawin’s one-of-a-kind most effective step by step training experience for each student.
The easy-to-understand teaching method allows each student to learn with ease at his/her own comfortable pace. Thus, each student will be able to
effectively combine the knowledge learned with his/her creativity to accomplish greater work of fashion with confidence and realise his/her dream of
becoming a professional fashion designer and dressmaker.
Upon completion of the study program, each student will receive a Certificate of endorsement to be issued by Thailand’s Ministry of Education
as well as a diploma from Kalawin to ensure the beginning of a great career in fashion design & dressmaking.
Every alternate year, KALAWIN International Fashion School invites a foreign expert in Fashion Design, DressMaking,
Moulage and Ready-to- Wear to examine its students
Alex from Canada Zona from Bangaladesh Mark from Thailand Tommy from Myanmar
This is what makes KALAWIN one of Thailand’s leading fashion design & dress making schools, with students enrollment from all around the world.
Kalawin graduates are most sought-after, and recognized internationally as well-equipped and brilliantly talented fashion designers and dressmakers.
20 Scholarship Students from Nigeria Anta from Senegal Claire from France, Yeo Kee Chong from Singapore,
Supaporn Panyawaraporn from Thailand
37 years of experiences in teaching Fashion Design,
Dressmaking and Moulage at ESMOD Guerre – Lavigne &
ESMOD International Paris, France as well as giving
exams for many Fashion Schools & Colleges worldwide
including KALAWIN, Bangkok.

MR. NILS CHRISTIAN has also worked as freelance for
many of the world’s famous fashion brand names in Paris
such as Pierre Cardin, Chanel, Guy Laroche, Yves Saint
Laurent, Mc. Douglas etc.)

“ I am very surprised whenever I see that KALAWIN students have a very high level
for Fashion Design, Dressmaking, Patternmaking and Moulage “COUTURE”.
This is thanks to the best teachers with very good expertise and have been teaching
for more than 20 years since KALAWIN was in the group of ESMOD, Paris ”

of the best Fashion schools in the World !”
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