Appropriate for: Professionals who wish to gain comprehensive knowledge within 2 - 3 Months.
Course Duration : 2 - 3 Months (240 - 360 Hours), Monday - Friday.
Or 5 Months (120 Hours) on Saturdays or 1 day a Week.
Students can choose courses from the following:
1. Daywear - training on how to sew the different parts of a look. Creating Patterns, laying out
and cutting patterns. Covers Blouses, Skirts, Casual Wear, Dresses, Office Wear, Travel Wear etc.
2. Evening and Wedding Dresses - training on how to sew the different components of evening
and wedding, creating patterns, laying out and cutting gowns. Draping or to Moulage
on the form. Creating various styles of Evening Gowns & Wedding Gowns including beading
and decorating.
3. Men’s & Women’s Suit Jackets / Pants (Tailoring) - training on how to sew the different
elements of tailoring. Creating patterns and tailoring men’s and women’s suit, jackets, men’s
and women’s slacks and overcoats emphasizing various collar types. women’s skirts,
women’s blouses, men’s shirts, tuxedo, polo shirt, Hawaiian shirts, and Thai traditional shirt
etc. (OR other Nations’ costumes)
4. National Costumes and Beading - training on sewing the different elements of Thai Costumes.
Creating patterns, laying and cutting out patterns.Thailand’s popular series of royal sets
Thai Chitrada, Thai Amarin, Thai Chakri, Thai BaromBhiman, Thai Dusit, Thai Sivalai,
Thai TraBengMarn, Thai Jakkraphat, Thai Prayook, as well as costumes during
the various reigns as well as beading and embroidery etc. (or other Nations’ costumes)
Note : If you wish to learn all the courses combined 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 to run periodically.
7 month study period (840 hours), Monday - Friday
Or 12 months (288 hours) Saturday only, 1 day a week.
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