Apirat Intachart (TOX) / Thailand
Course : Fashion Design, Haute Couture de Paris & Moulage
My mother, SA-ING INTACHART is a dressmaker and
has a boutique in Surat Thani province since I was
very young. She wanted me to follow in her footsteps
and become a dressmaker just like her. After I finished
high-school, while I still didn’t know whether I’d like
a career in fashion or not, my mother enrolled me at
KALAWIN Institute to study fashion.
At Kalawin, I began to study Fashion Design. It didn’t
take long before I fell in love with learning fashion design
and dressmaking and realised that I could make a career
out of it. Once I completed my fashion design course,
I continued with dressmaking course "Haute Couture de
Paris and dressmaking on mannequin course Moulage.
During my study, I had wonderful opportunities to design & make clothes for "Miss Universe"
in the reign that KALAWIN had invited for presenting the thai silk fashion show and
do some charity activities.
I am very proud of my career choice, and what I’ve accomplished at Kalawin. Now, I have
my own boutique named "NICHA" in Hua-Hin, Prachuabkhirikhan province. My customers
consists of high-profile and well-known people in the province. Thanks to Kalawin, I am enjoying
what I do very much, and in the process, making sizeable income and living a good and stable life.
I credit all of my success today to my mother who had a vision and chose a good career for me
and enrolled me to study fashion at Kalawin Institue.
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