Pitipat Khunsong (Best), Thailand
Course : Haute Couture de Paris
I've heard of the name Kalawin and its notoriety as being one
of the best and most reputable fashion school in Thailand for
as long as I can remember. And when I finally enrolled as
a student here, I found that Kalawin is everything exactly
as they say. I was touched by the warmth and impressed by
the level of sophistication and professionalism of everyone
at Kalawin.
Kalawin is second to none when it comes to the courses
and the core curriculum. The variety of advance study programs
and great courses offered at Kalawin will help to prepare you for
the career in fashion design.
Once you've finished all the courses and graduated from Kalawin,
you'll see that you can do anything and create any designs of .
your dreams
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