Deanna Richmond / Los Angeles, U.S.A.
Course : Moulage & Haute Couture de Paris
So far my experience at Kalawin has been very good.
Within my first week I learned more than I had learned in 3 months
at my previous college courses. The lessons are straight to
the point and hands on.
From day one I started using a sewing machine as opposed
to learning theories and listening to lectures. The teachers
are kind and very willing to help with any of your specific needs.
I cannot speak Thai very well, but I was able to understand
the teachings just as easily. The school is located in a convenient
part of Bangkok. Many shopping malls and sewing
supply shops nearby.
I believe the school is successful in teaching you pattern making and sewing easily, and in
a short period of time. I have confidence that every student who comes out of the school will meet
the standards to graduate and have the skills to make beautiful garments.
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