Sophie Rochefeuille / France
Course : Haute Couture de Paris
I take advantage from the expatriation of my husband
to finally do what I always wanted to do since my childhood:
learning how to make clothes, from the patterns to the sewing.
But I have to manage the family life, with three kids and
my passion and it is not really easy to find a school
that can offer me this possibility.
The Kalawin fashion institute brings to me the solution:
they have a very complete program to learn how to do patterns
and sew every kind of clothes in less than one year!!
The teachers have a strong experience and they know
all about making clothes. They are so dedicated that this
looks like a particular lesson...
Moreover, courses are so practical that it is really easy to
follow all the teacher instructions even if we are not speaking
Thai or we do not have a very good english.
The language differences are not a problem at all !!
Lastly, students come from every part of the world and it is
very wealthy to share our different experiences.
I am very happy to have found this fashion school!
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