Nilima Maden Limbu / Nepal
Course : Haute Couture de Paris
It is a pleasure learning at KALAWIN International. I have
sincerely enjoyed the time that I have spent at KALAWIN the past year.
With a very busy schedule, KALAWIN gave a very generously of
its time, knowledge and patience.
As a result of training and guidance. I have much deeper
understanding of Haute Couture dressmaking. I have
learned so much from KALAWIN that it is difficult to put
into words how grateful I am for KALAWIN and its teachers
and team. Unfortunately, I am sad to say I can’t continue
my journey back to KALAWIN after my visit trips to
Europe & USA this time but I am happy to inform you that
I got a chance to work here in the USA with one of the
reputed fashion houses.
But in the future if I get a chance to come to Bangkok again,
I definitely want to get admission at KALAWIN with
any short course because I know it is fruitful for my career.
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