Kukiat Wangprom, Thailand
Course : Fashion Design, Haute Couture de Paris & Moulage
I graduated in Hotel Management which is completely different from a fashion career.
The reason I came to study at KALAWIN was just to follow my friends who were studying there earlier.
I was not even sure if I liked this career or not. I just wanted to try it out.
I enrolled into three courses; Fashion Design, Pattern & Dressmaking and Moulage.
When I completed these 3 courses I decided to join KALAWIN's students group to continue
the Intensive Moulage course in Paris and then I applied to work as an instructor at KALAWIN.
While working at KALAWIN, Saudi Arabian came to search for two students to work in Riyadh,
Saudi Arabia and I was one of selected students. I worked in Riyadh for 5 years and then came back
to Bangkok and opened my own boutique named "EMOTIONS" in 1992. I personally liked
daywear making but my experiences in tremendously making Evening gowns in Saudi Arabia made me
sophisticated in Evening gowns automatically.
What I got from KALAWIN is the Very Precise Method & Curriculum!! a perfect pattern making
outstanding pattern, unique, good looking, good proportion and fit perfectly to the customer's
bodies. Moreover, well accepted by all customers. I am so proud to graduate from KALAWIN.
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